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Owl Barn larder is unique.......

We are a fully FSA certified game handling establishment that specialises in producing the finest wild Roe, Fallow and Muntjac deer to top restaurants and the discerning public.....


if you can't pop in, we can send you a box.......

The chilled or frozen deer box

What is different about us, is that we harvest our deer from land that we manage. So we know exact provenance and can control every element of the deer from when it was in the wild to when that chilled box arrives at your door - or you can collect it from the larder, see the facility and chat to Brent, our head stalker and deer manager.

We even offer the chance for you to come out with Brent and harvest your own deer as part of our fully sustainable deer management programme.

Wild Venison is supremely healthy, being high in protein with zero cholesterol, mild in flavour and has led a totally wild, free and healthy life. All of our deer our inspected prior to butchery by an FSA vet, giving you full peace of mind.

Our boxes are recyclable, reusable and insulated for 24 hours of travel.

All boxes must be pre-ordered and collected - or we can offer free delivery within 5 miles of GL7 7LG  - Call Brent on 07775 426566.  

Please choose from:

Bespoke made boxes at £25.00, £50.00 or £75.00 of what you want such as mince, chops, parve, neck or saddle.  Or you can come to the larder and choose as little or as much venison as you need from our fresh and frozen chillers.

Whole Muntjac – these little invasive deer, originally from Asia, are in large numbers and are incredibly good eating. Firm sweet meat that is unbeatable on a barbecue. Available year round.

Cuts include 2x500g mince, 2x 500g dice, 2 x racks, 5 x chops, 2 x butterflied haunches (amazing!) Feeds about 20.  8kg average, 


COST for box £75.00 


Whole Roe deer- our original indigenous species. The Roe deer is a hugely popular small deer species that has been a culinary favourite for centuries. Very soft and incredibly tender and pale in colour, Roe freezes brilliantly and gives good medium size cuts of meat.

Cuts include Chops x5, Racks x 2, 4 bags 500 g Mince, 2 bags 500 g Dice, Pave steaks x 16, roasting topside, or any combination. Average weight of deer 15 kg. 


COST for box £120.00



Fallow deer. Our favourite at home. These big deer have wonderful full grained soft venison. Never gamey, they are a restaurant favourite. They can be cut in many different ways. We can do a whole or half deer for your freezer. Sample cuts include pave steaks with rosemary and olive oil, T bone chops, best end chops (amazing spiced and barbecues), prime mince, prime dice for casseroles and shanks. A carcass typically weighs 30 kg and will break down into 70+ portions. 30 pave steaks, 10 T bones, 18 chops, 2 shanks, 6x500g bags of mince, 4 x 500g bags of dice. Oh, and leg bones for the dog!! £11/kg whole carcass weight.


COST HALF DEER £120.00  - WHOLE DEER £240.00

We also have lots of beautiful deer skins and antlers for sale at the part is wasted.