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Deer Management

MIKE ROBINSON leads the business and is the vision behind it.  He is passionate about the provenance of food, food quality, sustainable harvesting and countryside management.  Mike is a renowned professional chef and hunter and 15 years ago started managing deer on land.  He uses the deer from nose to tail, nothing is wasted.  

The public and chefs are now much more aware of sustainability and where their food come from; this was the foundation for Robinson Wild Foods....passionate about wild deer, harvesting them in a sustainable manner, providing an amazing food source with local provenance, whilst getting a return and solving a problem for land owners.

We respect that every estate is different, that estate management teams have various objectives to achieve in deer management.

Fallow Deer are becoming an increasing issue; difficult to control due to their ability to cover large areas, grouping together in the winter which causes intensive damage in specific areas. 

Recreational stalkers have limited impact in controlling the species and and often misunderstand the management of them.  A prolonged buck season enable many males to be harvested, however does often get overlooked.  The result is much larger groups, and poor genetics; something we know how to redress. 

Muntjac can be easily managed and Roe need managing very carefully.

We can tailor our management practices,  putting together a full land and deer survey, cull plan and data collection in place. 

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