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Who is Mike Robinson....

TV Presenter.  

stagg side on_241017_0215.jpg

Deer have long been my greatest passion.

That these beautiful large mammals can exist in large numbers so cheek by cheek with humans is testament to their intelligence and tenacity.

I love the deer themselves, and the challenge of managing them to provide a sustainable resource and a healthy herd.

I have my own private deer park in Berkshire, with Red, Fallow & largest herd  of Axis Deer in the UK.  

If you'd like to order venison to cook at home go to

Cooking in a pot over campfire.jpg

The Outdoors is my Church - I love the feeling of thriving outside and escaping the modern world. Learning to cook well outdoors is a real skill, and one that I take every opportunity to practise.  I love it so much, I decided to make a TV series about it....Farming the Wild


I have no idea why I love old Military vehicles so much! The fact that we can drive these incredible pieces of engineering on the road is just amazing.

As a massive history fan I am fascinated by the story of these war machines and what they have seen. Restoring and caring for them is a nod to our past. 

This is a British Army CVRT Scorpion Light Tank that I restored from a wreck.

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